Can massage help beat back pain?

A regular massage is often considered to be a treat, rather than a necessity. Most people believe that having a massage is good for aches and pains or, can also help if they’ve overdone the exercise.  Not everybody realises that massage therapy is also a powerful painkiller that can even be used to help people with back problems reduce the amount of medication they need to take.
If you’re one of the millions of Australians who will suffer with back pain at some point in their life, you’ll know how miserable it can be.  If you are dealing with chronic back pain it can impact on your daily life, and stop you doing things you want to do.

The vicious pain cycle
If you can no longer exercise pain-free, its easy to end up in a vicious cycle of inactivity which makes your pain worse, which then stops you being active, and can result in more and more reliance on daily medication to get you through.
What you need is a way to manage your back pain that is effective with no unwanted side effects. Research has shown that regular massage along with your prescribed medication and any other advice from your healthcare provider can be so powerful that you might be able to decrease the number of painkillers you need to manage your back pain and start to live a more active life.

How massage can help beat back pain
A massage session doesn’t just relax you, it can help to promote tissue repair, improve the blood circulation and does wonders for your stress levels and mood. Research also shows that regular massage therapy combined with exercise helps people suffering from chronic back pain to feel less anxious about their condition too.

A study that took place at a pain management clinic in Western New York, involved sixty chronic low back pain patients.  The participants all recorded their own pain levels before and after having massage therapy on a scale of one to ten.  There was a significant difference between the pre-and post-treatment pain rating in the group that had regular massage, compared to the control group who carried on as normal and reported no changes to their pain levels.
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