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Spray Tan Tips

Tips For The Best Spray Tan Results

Some great tips on what to do before and after your spray tan session, for a radiant, even tan that will last longer and fade evenly. 1) Thoroughly exfoliate your body prior to your spray tan appointment Your skin naturally has many layers of dead skin cells on it’s surface layer (the stratum corneum) and […]

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What’s so good about Himalayan Rock Salt?

Did you know the average person needs to consume around a third to half a level teaspoon of salt everyday to survive? Without salt we would die!  Salt in its raw state, is in fact a wonderful, cheap way of getting vital minerals into our bodies. The problem is white, refined table salt has 82 […]

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Massage – good for us, or just NICE?

A good massage is a wonderful, relaxing experience, and a great way to take ‘time out’ for ourselves. But does it really benefit our health? As a massage therapist, the answer you’re going to hear from me is, a resounding “YES!!” Most people know that massage is basically good for us, as well as being […]

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