What can I expect from my Reflexology appointment?

There’s nothing to be nervous about when you have your first reflexology session; it’s a gentle, safe therapy that’s designed to relax and rebalance your body. You don’t need to undress for a reflexology session – you will only need to remove your shoes and socks so that the therapist can get to work on the soles of your feet.

It’s best not to eat a heavy meal before a treatment, and it’s not advised that you drink alcohol before your visit either. Other than that, just turn up as you are, in loose, comfortable clothes, and get ready to relax.

Getting to know you

As this is your first session, before you get started your therapist will ask you some questions about your health, lifestyle and any health problems you might have had in the past. This is just so that they can build up an overall picture of your health. Like all holistic treatments, reflexology is designed to work on the whole body and not just one area, so it’s important that you tell the practitioner as much as you can. You’ll also be asked about your reasons for trying Reflexology – whether it’s to address a specific health concern or for your overall health and wellbeing.

Your reflexology session

Now the treatment begins! The therapist will give you a quick explanation about what she’ll be doing and how reflexology works, then will get to work. Your feet will be prepared in warm water that may or may not be infused with essential oils. Some therapists also like to use essential oils during a treatment to scent the room, and play relaxing music. If you prefer not to have either of these, don’t be afraid to say so.

They will look at your feet to see if there are any obvious issues that need addressing, and then start to gently press around different areas on the soles of your feet, toes, heels and ankle areas. They usually work on one foot at a time, and will cover both feet during the course of a full treatment. Sometimes, they may go back to an area more than once if they feel more work is needed there. If you feel any discomfort from the pressure, you should tell the therapist. The sensation should be reasonably firm and you might feel a little discomfort in areas that are being worked on but it should never be painful.

A Reflexology treatment usually lasts anything from 30 – 60 minutes and should leave you feeling relaxed and with a renewed feeling of energy. Afterwards, drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol and stick to light meals for 24 hours if you can.

Benefits of Reflexology include:

Reduced stress and tension         Improved circulation                       Reduced toxicity

Improved immunity                        Increased body awareness

 Which can help relieve:

Migraines                            Constipation and Diarrhoea                         Sciatica

Asthma                                Back, Neck and Shoulder pain                     Joint Pain

Fatigue and Depression

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