About Us

Our mission at Divine Therapy is too empower wellness for all and to help our clients to regain balance in their lives. Our values are to restore hope, improve wellness, regain balance and empower change in the lives we touch very day.

Divine Therapy Massage & Beauty Salon, Brisbane
We offer a beautiful, relaxing sanctuary with a welcoming and professional environment.  We love to treat our clients on a regular basis throughout their wellness journey, through the modalities of Massage, Reflexology and Beauty, as well as with other complementary healing therapies.

We strive to have outstanding results for each client, pursuing healing through empathy and empowering lifestyle changes through education, and where possible we use organic, natural or non-toxic products in our services.

We love to be of help in our community, and donate a massage a month to The Pink Pamper Packs, run by the Redlands Centre for Women, and regularly donate Gift Vouchers to local fund raising events and school fetes.

Our Team

We are very proud of our amazing team at Divine Therapy! With a range of specialist skills and expertise, we pride ourselves on our excellence customer care, professionalism and experience. Every team member is fully qualified and insured. Read individual staff profiles and meet our team here.

Nicola’s Story

Nicola Smith
I’ve been massaging now for over 10 years, and I’m passionate about all things ‘massage’!

I am originally from the UK, where I graduated with a Degree in Business Studies at 21, and then worked as a retail manager for several years before progressing up the ranks to head office into Merchandise Planning Management, where I stayed for the next few years.

I was successful on paper but not happy in life.  What was I doing wrong, what was missing?  I took a year off to find out and travelled to Australia for a fun filled 12 months of adventure!

I finally settled in Melbourne, then was head hunted up to a Brisbane retail head office, and fell back into Planning, which I loved.  In the middle of a highly profitable, busy career, I decided that climbing the corporate ladder just didn’t ‘do it’ for me, I started questioning what I wanted, and I ditched everything and took a course in Massage Therapy!

Rewind a few months… I had suffered years of tension headaches and migraines, and at times, periods of dizziness and light headiness, (as well as experiencing the stress of a highly pressurised work environment), I was sick of taking painkillers everyday and I wanted something that could help fix the cause of my ongoing symptoms, not just mask the pain.
After many visits to my doctor and many tests, scans etc, tight muscles seemed the most obvious cause of my symptoms, my doctor suggested trying Remedial Massage! Why not, I thought!?
So after a short period of time receiving Remedial Massage my headaches were greatly reduced and eventually disappeared! Could something as simple as massage really help so significantly?

Curious and delighted with my results, I went onto to study Remedial Massage at the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences where I attained my Certificate IV then continued further study to attain my Diploma.
I loved learning about the body and the many different techniques used in massage. I quickly realised it wasn’t just the physical side of massage I and clients enjoyed, but the fact that it gave them the opportunity to take TIME OUT and relax while having a treatment. Some techniques are not so relaxing in Remedial Massage but even so, the act of lying on a table and taking some ME time was invaluable, and my client resinated with that.

I had never worked for myself before, let alone run my own business, but the risk was more than worth it. The field of massage interested me, because I wanted to do something that connected with people…I wanted to help people in a meaningful way, do something to improve their lives, and mine! While I enjoyed the excitement and challenge of the retail industry, there was always something missing, something essential to me as a person.

I started working from home, and quickly realised that the path I had chosen was right for me. Though sometimes challenging, physically, emotionally and financially, I found that being able to enrich the wellbeing of others, ease their pains or just give them a little space in their busy lives, gave me a very deep and lasting sense of fulfilment. In 2012 I took another huge step, and moved from home business to dedicated premises. I gathered a small team of like-minded therapists and began to offer a wider variety of treatments, now including beauty along with massage. We have since experienced year on year growth and have a fabulous loyal client base.

I love the fact I have so much variety in my work and no day is the same! My clients range from office workers, tradies, pregnant ladies, to people seeking relaxation and de-stressing, or people with very challenging health concerns or issues. One thing my clients have in common is that they love the intimate, relaxing and welcoming environment at Divine Therapy, they are normal everyday people seeking an improvement in their lifestyle.

I see Divine Therapy as a sanctuary, a haven of peace and relaxation in our busy lives. One day I hope to bring the Divine Therapy experience to more people, maybe through opening premises in other areas, through workshops, or maybe even (dare I dream?!) with a residential retreat surrounded by nature.

Nicola x